Rae Flashback Friday

Time for #FBF! 🥳 Our lovely rider, Rae-kyndra Ragoobeer – 17 years old and in grade 11 at Curro Aurora. Coached by Tasmin Maher. 🤩

Rae: “I started riding at Glover when I was 11 – and the very first pony I rode was Koda 🙂 My passion for this sport started before this when I attended a pony camp when I was 10 years old – and I fell in love with this community !Nimbo was the first pony I half-baited and he took me to Nationals ! I then went on to have my first horse – Abby, the prettiest Palomino mare you’ll ever see ! I rode this horse named Torch for a year, and I now have Cruz – Capital Crusader, Mr Cruzman the king, the teddy bear, my heart.The biggest lesson riding has taught me is resilience and strength in character – no matter how many times you fall down, you pick yourself up and keep going – that’s a valuable lesson to carry in life. Through passion and genuine love that I have for this sport, it’s made getting through the tough times that much easier.Another lesson I’ve learnt is the power of the bond between a rider and their horse. There is a mutual respect and if you truly appreciate them in all their greatness, love, have empathy and trust them completely – they will do anything for you, as will you do anything for them.My goals would be to be competitively jumping a meter by the end of the year and I have been thinking about going open in showjumping.My favourite thing to do at Glover is well, just being at Glover ! It’s my second home and I love spending time with Cruz, with my friends at the yard, even those lessons filled with no stirrup work – we love the burn !Riding is honestly my passion and I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity that has been given to me. From staying up late to clean my tack to all of the early show mornings – I wouldn’t trade this for the world !”

We wish Rae and Cruz an amazing year ahead.💙 we know you will both be brilliant.🎉