Meet the Team

We are fortunate to have a team of highly qualified, dynamic, motivated and passionate instructors. Our team cater for very beginner riders (two years to mature adults) to advanced competitive riders.

We instill horsemanship, love, and passion for the horse in our pupils, whilst striving to ensure our lessons are innovative, different, and of course… lots of fun.

For many, their lessons at Glover Paddocks are the highlight of their week!



Kerryn Maher


Glover Paddocks is owned and managed by Kerryn Maher.  After purchasing Glover Paddocks, she completed her EQUASA 1, 2, 3 and 4 qualifications at Beaulieu College along with her manager, to ensure knowledge and experience went hand in hand in the management and growth of the yard.

“I started riding at Glover Paddocks at the age of 38 when my oldest daughter Mikayla started her riding lessons.  At the age of 40 with not much thought we bought the beautiful Glover Paddocks that we as a family had fallen love with. It undoubtedly has been an incredible journey."


I bought my first horse Flamingo Kid whom I absolutely loved and maintain he was the cleverest horse I had ever met; I then bought a young warm blood Quick Step (not so clever) which I could not ride to the best of his ability and so he became my daughter's horse.  I then went on the acquire the wonderful, quirky and feisty Appaloosa that I have now had for 13 years called Africa’s Miss Galaxy – she has been my super star and has won many showing and Appaloosa championships.  All my horses have remained with me until their retirement time at our Riverside Rest in the cradle of mankind.

Glover Paddocks is a big family. Growing and learning together, we help to build each other up and celebrate each other’s successes. The children become best friends and the adults become soul mates enjoying friendship and camaraderie.

Look forward to spending quality time with our loyal clients in 2024 and getting to know our "newbies". 

Wonder has done his EQUASA module 1, 2 and 3 (Stable Yard Management) as well as the Perelli, Warwick and Monty Roberts’s (amongst many other) clinics to develop his own style of horse care management. He is an experienced groom, 20-ton licensed truck driver, horse rider, In-hand show handler, and people's person. Wonder is also a reliable, experienced chaperone to our horses, riders and instructors at home and away shows. Living with his family at Glover paddocks we can rest assured our horses and riders are cared for 24/7 by the very best.

Mehluli Gumbo aka Wonder 

Stable Manager

Wonder, our incredible stable yard manager has been caring for the Glover horses and riders for over 13 years. 

He is talented, educated and a total professional. Over the years he has had a hand in every aspect of the business; from teaching young riders, to calming stressed owners, managing almost every aspect of veterinary horse care and of course, developing his own technique in ‘natural horsemanship’ which is what allows him to manage every one of our 80 horses in a kind and safe manner ensuring happy, healthy horses! 


Tasmin Maher

Tasmin is 25 years of age, and is one of our young and dynamic coaches. She has been riding for 18 years and teaching at Glover paddocks since she was 16. She is a qualified coach, and professional and competitive rider in most of the riding disciplines being; open show Jumping, dressage, Eventing and showing.

She holds a Diploma from Tshwane University in Equine Science covering all aspects of stable management, horse care, stud management and equine environment. She is also an EQASA FEI Level 1 coach. Tasmin has trained with and worked for - multiple Olympic Eventer and WEG rider - Tim Lips, at his facility in Holland. Some of her riding achievements in the last few years range from winning the Presidents Cup (1.20 mtr), Easter Festival Victrix Ludorum (1.35 mtr), KZN (1.35 mtr) derby as well as many wins across the various disciplines, including the Supreme Champion at the Appaloosa nationals. This makes Tasmin both a versatile rider and instructor. 


"The best thing about being a coach is seeing how horse and rider grow together and with my guidance and support go about setting and achieving their goals – it’s an immense sense of satisfaction seeing my young rider’s, which I have brought on from the beginning, progress every year winning many championships and Victor Ludorums."


Andrea Bekker

My name is Andrea Bekker, I am 27 years old and have been a part of team Glover since 2018. I started riding when I was 8 years old and competing when I was 14. I had an incredible horse named Alzu Crack Shot that I campaigned on in my junior career in the open grades in show jumping (1.30m).

I moved to Ireland to train with FEI level 3 international coach, Derek McConnell, in show jumping and eventing. On returning to South Africa, I embarked on my new riding journey with a young mare - Cornerstone's Qunu - and a new coaching career at Glover Paddocks. I am now a qualified FEI Level 2 coach, Equitation Judge and course builder for show jumping. I currently compete in the 1.20m classes in Showjumping with my Mare Qunu. We hope to jump into the 1.30m open category by the middle of this year 2024.

I have a strong passion for sharing my knowledge with others and watching my riders grow into competent horse men and women. One of the greatest gifts of teaching is being able to help guide and mold young and passionate riders into the riders they wish to be. Being a part of helping my riders chase their dreams and goals is one of the main reasons I teach. To help. To encourage. To grow. But most importantly, to never forget why we all started riding: For the love of the horse.
Tossy has been guiding and inspiring the riders and coaches at Glover paddocks for over 10 years and we, as a team, credit our exponential growth and work ethic to having this incredible icon in the Glover corner.

Tossy Raynor

We are privileged to have FEI Level 2 coach, professional rider and show jumper - Tossy Raynor - as coach to our own open riders and instructors. Imparting her many years of experience, knowledge and expertise.

Tossy is a world class rider in her own right being both a President Cup winner and a former South African and Zimbabwean - champ amongst many other titles to her name. She is well respected in the industry and continues to show our young up and coming riders just how it’s done. Her jumping clinics at Glover Paddocks are a favorite - inspiring the young junior and pony riders, as well as their instructors to new and challenging heights.


Her plans for 2024 is to continue growing and learning in the industry. To complete her EQUASA Modules, part take in her third year of DSA Dressage Coaching Series. As well as compete in graded Novice classes with her new dressage partner Limelight.


Sarah Lessle

Sarah is 32 years and has been riding since age 11. She was born in Zimbabwe and was part of the local riding school. Where she had regular lessons. From age 13-14 years she was given the opportunity to ride club polocrosse.

She moved to South Africa and rode intermittently until her matric year.

After graduating at tertiary level and receiving her diploma in Coaching Science, Sarah coached various school sports. As well as sport specific training and fitness training.

Still passionate about horses, she found the opportunity to teach therapy riding and start her own riding school and livery yard.

Sarah has since then joined the Glover Team going on 5 years now, as a riders' coach/instructor, assisted in work riding, supporting riders at shows, assisted yard and office management. 

She has competed up to 80cm in Showjumping and Novice level Dressage. She is an avid dressage enthusiast and enjoys coaching the showing disciplines and lower-level Equitation. 

Having her niche and home at Glover Paddocks has made it possible for her to achieve her dream of buying and keeping her own horse "Limelight." 



I joined Glover Paddocks two years ago and what a life changing experience. I have met amazing grooms and instructors, and I have ridden amazing horses. My favorite horse so far is the Appaloosa Stallion Madiba."

I am thrilled to be embarking on my competitive career in 2024 on this amazing Stallion - both in dressage and showing. Watch this space!

Abel is an outstanding horseman, both on and off the horse. He is kind and intuitive to the horses needs and works very well with all our tricky youngsters as well as our main competitive horses. We are very excited to have Abel as part of the team.

Abel Mokgwateng

Abel started riding in 2012 he has competed in showjumping and dressage, and he rode at the Lipizzaner's. Abel is now a work rider as well as an instructor at Glover Paddocks specializing in giving quality lunge lesson programs for intermediate and advanced riders.

"At the Lipizzaner's I learned a lot. The Lipizzaner's made me fall in love with Dressage, on the 16th of February 2020 it was my first time seeing The Ballet of The White Stallions, it was amazing to see the famous dancing, Stallions. At the Lipizzaner's before you become a red rider you have to pass the written and ridden exams. The students received lunge lessons every day, we had to tack up horses for the riders and bring the horses to the indoor arena for the riders. Students had to complete a series of exams which includes bandaging, tacking up horse's, lunging easy and difficult horses, lunging riders, setting up sound systems, grooming, bathing a horse etc. During Covid19 I stayed at the Lipizzaner's center, and I got to work with 32 horses. It was a great opportunity for me to ride and learn. I also had to ride all the routines and learn to ride the Quadrille. I learned the young stallion's routine, Pa da doir, Pa da tour, work in hand, running the colt, lunging and Quadrille. We had to audition to ride in the Lipizzaner shows and I was lucky to be selected for the Quadrille. The Quadrille was the hardest, it had a lot of tricky movements like; shoulder-in, Traver, Renver, flying changes, sitting trot, collected canter and half-pass."


I have successfully produced Charlie Tango from an inexperienced 70cm to 1.10m and evented him up till 85cm Eventing. We are currently competing in the 1.10m classes in Show Jumping and will be working towards to jump into the 1.20m / 1.25m category by the middle of this year 2024.

I am incredible grateful for the opportunities to allow me to peruse my passion and career in coaching and working with horses. I love teaching watching my younger riders grow into the best horsemen and women they can be. My biggest aspirations while I teach my young riders is that I want to be the coach I never had growing up and be the best role model to inspire and grow a new generation of young riders and help them achieve their dreams and goals in this sport and show them that anything is possible if you work hard enough while having fun and loving the horse!


Candice Potgieter 

My name is Candice Potgieter, I am 26 years old and have been a part of team Glover Paddocks since September 2023.  I was based in the East Rand at Winstead Stables where I rode on school ponies in my younger years and loved every moment of it. I only started to focus on riding and coaching part time on Saturdays when I was 19 years old. I also got an opportunity to bait a 1m event horse called Gonder Wow. We competed successfully up till 80cms Eventing before I purchased Charlie Tango in 2018.

During this time riding was only a hobby for me as I had a full-time office job until I got an amazing opportunity to work full time as an instructor and work rider at Winstead Stables in 2021 alongside Graham Winn and Kirsten Winn where my riding career really took off. I was very involved the riding school as well as having many students of mine taking part in SANESA during my time at Winstead as well as working with young horses under the guidance of Graham Winn and having regular dressage lessons with dressage rider Wium van Huyssteen. An incredible opportunity came my way to work at Glover Paddocks and I moved to the west in September 2023 to continue to grow my riding and coaching career to new heights. I am currently working towards obtaining my EQUASA Modules 2, 3 and 4 during the course of 2024 and becoming a qualified coach.


I love teaching and strive to help other riders become better and enjoy sharing their love for the sport and their achievements.

“There is always something worth celebrating in every ride.  Little victories and progress count too”


Laura - Mae Barnard

My name is Laura-Mae Barnard, a morning adult instructor at Glover Paddocks.  Throughout my riding career, I have competed in showing, dressage, equitation, and show jumping. For a good couple of years, my focus has been show jumping.  I have competed in the open classes up to 1.40m and have won and been placed consistently in my many years of jumping.



We are fortunate enough to have an incredible team of grooms who love what they do and take immense pride in the care and maintenance of their horses.  Many of our grooms have done several courses from in-hand handling of horses in competition, to vetinary daily care, training in full show turn out including sewing of manes and pulling/sewing of tails, level 1 first aid, and several natural horsemanship courses.  Our grooms are very keen to learn and increase their knowledge and regularly update themselves with inhouse training and outside education.

They are teamed with our maintenance and ground staff who keep the property in impeccable order to ensure the safety of the horses in the paddocks, the comfort of the riders on the property and our gorgeous grounds and relaxation areas.


Come join us and be by our skills.