Glover Paddocks can help you become a successful rider and team member for your school!


Riding is an incredible, wonderful and therapeutic sport. It instills passion, discipline, compassion, empathy and courage in the youngest of children – like no other sport can. It is the only sport in the world that girls and boys compete on an equal level together.

It gives every rider an equal chance of achieving success as it is not only dependant on the best rider with the best horse. This has been proven over and over again. Many times the rider with the most passion or courage and a good communication with their horse stands an excellent competitive chance. Horses are not tennis rackets – so the balance between rider and horse on the day can make all the difference.

Gauteng West's Top Overall High School Rider 2015/2016 - Nicole Duvenage --> rides at Glover Paddocks

Glover Paddocks can help you achieve regional colours, school colours and Gauteng colours.  We have a very strong knowledge of how the sport works for schools and how our riders need to enter and participate in order to achieve – hence our very high success rate every year!

Gauteng West's Top Overall High School Rider 2015/2016 - Nicole Duvenage --> rides at Glover Paddocks!


Gauteng West Top Overall High School Rider 2014 - Courtney Maher ---> Rides at Glover Paddocks!


We have riders who compete at numerous schools and regularly win the schools divison, plus top rider awards, top discipline and so on... If your school doesn't have a team - talk to us and we'll explain the process.

We allow school horses & ponies to be taken to shows. ait is a great opportunity for riders at Glover Paddocks and you never know – your child could be a star in the making!

Even if you don’t want to be too competitive early on, it's a wonderful way to start going to shows, having some fun and learning more about other disciplines, whilst being supervised.

Glover Paddocks Gauteng West riders at Awards Evening 2016




Who is eligible to ride?

If you attend any private or government school, or you are home schooled. From grade 0 to grade 12 you are eligible to participate in the interschool league. 

What experience is required?

You may ride for your school from level 0 i.e. if you are on a lead rein to the most advanced level.

Do you need your own pony?

At Glover Paddocks, you do not need to own a pony or horse to participate in the interschool league. We will provide a well-trained school horse for all disciplines. 

How do we register and enter for the schools league?

We have a dedicated interschool show assistantr who will help you register both yourself, your pony and if necessary, your school.

We will guide you through the entire process.

How do I get my horse to the show?

Glover Paddocks takes all their horses to the school show in our own horse trucks. All arrangements are handled by our professional staff.


These are variable but our dedication is to keep the costs down as low as possible in order to make this an all-inclusive sport and encourage as many young riders, irrespective of whether they own their own pony to participate.

Share of the groom (amongst 4 horses)

When and how often are the shows?

Four qualifying shows are held during the year.  The first one will be end of January.  Qualifying shows are then followed by the regional finals and then comes the national final.  Full details of how the competition works and how to qualify will be in a hand out at our meeting.

Why should you ride for your school?

Equestrian as a sport has developed exponentially in the last 10 years and is fully recognised as a school sport. Most schools now acknowledge their riders and riding team and accommodate the riders in their award system and school colour protocol.

Riders can also achieve regional and provincial school colours. The school sport has accommodated riders who don't own their own horses to compete in the school league on borrowed horses - levelling the field for all participants.

Glover Paddocks can ensure our riders - whether participating on their own horse or on a Glover trained horse - will achieve outstanding results based on our training in all the disciplines, our understanding of how the sport works, and our superb quality horses.