Glover Paddocks Equestrian Park

Horse riding... For fun. For leisure. For sport.

For the love of it!

Glover Paddocks is a professional and family orientated stable yard, based in Honeydew on the West Rand. We follow the guidelines of the South African National Equestrian Federation (SANEF) to best ensure the safety, happiness, and overall well-being of the rider and the horse.

 We pride ourselves in our dedicated care and management of our horses as well as ensuring the best safety protocols for our riders. We provide a superbly managed yard, qualified and friendly instructors, as well as experienced grooms who love what they do.

For those either just starting out on their horse-riding journey, or wanting to advance to a more competitive level, we have over 30 well-schooled horses to accommodate all needs.

With the Park Land experience of a rich green grass derby arena, fantastic ‘pony play park and dam’, gallop track, cross country track, gorgeous forest outride and professional jumping and dressage arena’s - we are truly a magnificent beautiful yard - a happy, holistic place to be!

 Come and join the Glover family, whether you are new to riding and just want to experience the joy and pleasure of horses, a young rider hoping to earn your school colours, a competitive graded rider, or an adult wanting to enjoy some fun time on a Saturday with like-minded people.  We have it all and we do it all, really well!

These factors, combined with our outstanding facilities, allows us to believe we are truly "The Best in the West!"
Come and check us out!