Stabling and services offered:

Stables available:

Large, airy brick stables built in the traditional manner.

Cottage Cute:
Large brick stables with enclosed walkway and view onto the arena.

Pony Barn:
Back-to-back stables for our precious ponies and young riders.

Diva’s Barn:
Large wooden stables, with traditional sand floors, suitable for horses with any skin allergies.

All stables have rubber matting and good quality shavings.

Multiple sizes available.  Herd, individual or ‘two in a paddock’.  Large area of paddocking and rotation of paddocks.

Nutrition and Feeding

This is a vital part of management and safety of your horse. We use qualified nutritionists from our feed company as required. Incorrect feeding can lead to colic, skin conditions, laminitis, bad behaviour, under development, hoof deterioration, and in young horses - accelerated bone growth. Our horses are fed according to current weight, age, workload, breed and temperament. Our horses are fed between 3 and 4 meals a day to ensure easy gut mobility and decrease the incident of colic. Every Monday our feeding schedule is reviewed. Rider and instructors’ input are considered and are vital.

Evening grass
One or two teff nets in the stable as required.

Morning grass
Prior to feeding concentrates as part of our colic prevention program.

All clients are requested to purchase stable matting (we arrange this at the lowest possible cost from the EVA factory in Natal). Eva matting is thick, .22m hard-wearing mat that is light to handle and can ensure easy cleaning. The matting is to provide insulation and comfort for your horse whist maintaining a balanced surface for standing up to 12 hours thus reducing the pressure on the limbs, assisting in joint fatigue and preventing allergies from bedding. The stable matting is removed and the stable cleaned and disinfected once a week. Further shavings are provided for extra comfort. 

Show turnout

extra charge

Full show turn-out including bathing, pulling mane and tale, ears, feather, coronary band etc. (Plaiting of tail and mane charged at the going rate).


Tasmin Maher and Kondos Madiba at Appaloosa Nationals.


Isabella Saunders and Llandilo Ragtime Rose. 


Chris Prinsloo and Kondos Andraki 11 at HOY.

Beemer Therapy

Available to our clients free of charge. Advanced German technology providing physiotherapy for our competitive horses.

General management control

Daily grooming, weight measurements, stable bandaging etc. as well as arranging as follows: dentistry, veterinary, farrier, qualified and advanced grooms. We offer well maintained and safe: equipment, paddocks, arenas and stables, control and management of manure heap, clean and well-maintained stable yard and block, clean and vermin free feed room. Maintaining horse records, feed records, farrier and veterinary records. Good absorbent and dust free bedding. Good stable Hygiene. Excellent staff to horse ratio.

All Around Happy Horses!


Extra mandatory monthly charge for supplements as follows:

We add the following to the feed daily; salt (encourages horses to drink particularly in the cold weather); oil (assists in glossy coat, movement of bowels, weight maintenance/gain), garlic (tick repellent), dfg (for weight gain, only if necessary), lime feed (balance calcium and phosphorous ratios), Epsom salts once a week to encourage good gut mobility. Molasses in bucket of water in winter to encourage drinking (two buckets of water are provided in stable, one with molasses and one without) and carrots. This is part of our colic management program and general well- being.

Grass levy as required.

Farrier and corrective shoeing

As per your horse’s needs: Our fees are billed once a month, we work on a 4 week and 5 week cycle depending on your horses needs at the time. Some feet grow faster in summer therefore require a more frequent cycle, as in winter due to drying, cracking and splitting some horses may require a more frequent foot management. The cycle will be adapted according to your horse’s needs. We use a qualified and experienced farrier trained in corrective shoeing to accommodate all horse’s needs.

Hygiene control 

Optional extra’s: This is optional at an extra charge however it works out substantially cheaper than supplying your own products, we provide as follows: fly spray, tabard during summer, tick grease, hoof oil, shampoo and all essential veterinary items; bandages, cotton wool, wound ointment etc. However, you may of course supply these yourself.


Flu vac - twice a year.
AHS 1 AND 11.
Deworming - as per changing deworming protocols.
Faecal testing.
Vetinarysupplies (bandages, gamgee, ointments etc. as required).

General services offered as follows:

Groom for show activities

Instructors and lessons


Exercise and schooling

Horse transportation to show and vet

Dentist (we use a qualified vet)

Lunging and school lunging by trained handlers

Professionally trained in loading difficult horses using a combination of Pirelli, Monty Roberts, and Warwick methods.