Deborah Flashback Friday

#FlashbackFriday today is Deborah Du Toit – 14 years old – coached by Tasmin Maher. 🥳💙 Deborah started at Glover in January 2012.

Deborah: “I’ve had so many wonderful instructors since I’ve started. Each of them adding so much value and inspiration to my life, and I would like to thank all of them to start with.

I have learnt to be a better version of myself because of every horse, instructor and rider at Glover that I have been privileged to learn from. That for me is my biggest lesson!

My goals would be to jump 1.20m with my current horse Missy and to do Eventing competitively again.

My favourite thing to do at Glover is talking to all the horses around the stables and relaxing after a long day by spending time with Missy.”

We wish Deborah a wonderful year ahead achieving all your goals. 💙