Melissa Flashback Friday

#FBF this week is Melissa van der Westhuizen, coached by Tasmin Maher. 💙

Melissa: “I started riding at Glover in 2018 after many years out of the saddle. That time I was coached by Aisling who taught me the essence of riding and how to enjoy every minute with these special creatures whilst having tons of fun in the saddle. I started on Prince and later moved over to Arrin who taught me the most. Late 2019 I found my heart horse, Figaro and boy o boy has this been an interesting journey to say the least. We have not only grown into a beautiful partnership but we have taught each other how to trust deeply and with patience and consistency your goals can be achieved over time. I am coached by the amazing talented Tasmin Maher who I’ll forever be grateful for for taking Figaro and myself on as a team. Tasmin along with Lia has played a fundamental role in Figaro’s schooling and has truly made us the team we are today.

Riding has definitely taught me that you have to roll with the punches and that you have to make do with the hand that you’ve been dealt with on the day. This sport is really tough mentally and physically for both horse and rider but I do believe that setbacks brings the best out of you and makes you a stronger and more determined rider. Reflection for me is very important, its rewarding to look back to where you started and the progress you’ve made to date. My goal is to jump the 120s with Figaro in the near future. I truly believe its achievable by having a realistic time frame, patience and a lot of hard consistent work. What I love most at Glover is to go and ride across the road. I always say that a lot can be made right in the world by a good gallop!!We owe everything to our amazing horses and we should treasure every minute with them. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity in life and may each and every day be a great day in the saddle with our heart horses❤️

We wish Mel and her special boy Fig the absolute best for the future, we love watching you two together and can’t wait to see more great things come your way!💙💙