Tamara Flashback Friday

Tamara Stork is this week’s Flashback Friday 🎉🎉

Tamara: “My coach is the exceptional Tasmin Maher. I began riding at Glover Paddocks in April 2018, after going on an outride in Dullstroom on a weekend away and realising how much I missed riding, as I had ridden as a child. As a child I would muck out stables for extra lessons and spend every available moment at the stables. Riding has taught me so much, but most importantly it has taught me to be patient, the value of perseverance, and it has taught me that courage is not the absence of fear, but pressing forward in spite of your fear. If you ever get too big for your boots, horse riding will quickly humble you. I used to half-bait a horse called Aero who I love dearly and who taught me so much. When Aero was injured I was given the opportunity to rehab a few horses, and I really enjoyed the opportunity of giving back to the horses that have given us so much.

In early 2021 Tasmin found Tiger in your Tank for me, a wonderful, one in a million thoroughbred mare. Tiger is very true to her name, and has quite literally put a tiger in my tank. She is courageous (except when it comes to miniature horses), talented and one of the smartest horses I’ve ever had the privilege of riding. Tiger has taught me to the most, and I look forward to our journey together. My goals are presently to compete consistently in both show jumping and dressage and to place at shows. In the future I would like to progress to jumping in the meters. Glover made sure that Aero and Tiger are neighbours, which just demonstrates how much they care about their horses, and their riders, as I am now able to spoil both of these special creatures. Glover is my happy place, and a welcome stress relief from my busy career. My favourite thing to do at Glover is spend time with Tiger, either in or out of the saddle and to watch lessons and try to absorb what is being taught. I have also made the most amazing friends at Glover. The people at Glover and the facilities are what make it special, and there is no better way to end a day than spending some time at Glover.”

We wish Tammy and her special Tiger all the best for their wonderful journey together, we love having you apart of team Glover!💙