Erin Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday this week is Erin Wainwright.🎉💙 16 years old, coached by: Andrea Bekker & Tasmin Maher.

Erin: “I started riding at Glover when I was 11, after a friend outgrew her pony and offered him to me. I hadn’t ridden for about 6 years by then and I was basically a beginner all over again. At Glover I got to ride many different ponies to help me deal with my own pony who was quite feisty. It wasn’t long before I was competing in the schools league and other show jumping events. Today I am jumping 1m and hope to soon move to 1.10. Riding has taught me many things, somedays you feel like you are really good and everything works so well and the next day can have a very humbling experience when you land on your bum in the dirt! I’ve learnt that success takes time, horses are not robots, they have good days and bad days. I’ve learnt that I need to be resilient and not give up, I’ve also had to become a lot more organised – shows take planning😅.

I think the biggest lesson by far is that what you put in is what you get out. You can’t cheat in riding, it takes hard work and a lot of effort to see results. I definitely see riding and working with horses in my future. I would like to study equine science and perhaps become a horse physio. I also plan to go overseas, probably to Ireland to ride there for a while and get some different experience. My favorite thing to do at Glover is jump in the derby arena and challenge myself and my horse Heidi. She is a great horse and has so much potential. Riding is really my passion and I am so grateful that I get to do it at Glover as often as I do!! “

We have loved watching Erin’s passion for horses and love for the sport grow, wishing her and her beautiful Heidi the absolute best for the rest of the year as they work to achieve their goals.💙💙