Jonathan Flashback Friday

#FlashbackFriday for this week is Jonathan who is six years old, coached by Thomas. 🥳

Jonathan: “Ever since I can remember I was among horses, because my granny lives on a farm where she breeds with miniature horses. The smell of horses have been in my brain forever. As soon as was able to hold my balance my mom put me on the back of a horse. My first horse was or is Picasso. He is a brown and white Tobiano gelding. I is such a gentle horse. I started riding a Glover paddocks just after my 2nd birthday on Tinkerbell, apparently she only likes small children and its funny to see the bigger children and adults reaction when she is around at the yard. I soon realized that I was too small and returned to Glover Paddocks two years later. I kept myself busy in those two years by showing the Minis at all the shows including Horse of the year and the Nissan Easter Festival. I love being back at Glover, because I have the best instructor, Thomas. He has taught me so much and oneday I want to ride and jump just like him. Unfortunately I have outgrown Picasso and last year my mom bought me my very own horse. Her name is Belle of the Ball. She is a Fleabitten Grey Welsh Pony. She is so gentle and loves her treats. It is such a lovely feeling to ride my own horse and together we will be build a relationship to last a long time. Belle is 19 years old already but boy, can she jump. That she showed us when she came with us on holiday to the farm last year. I started riding for my school at Sanesa with Belle this year. We have been doing so well together with a 1st place, 2 second places and a 3rd place so far. What I enjoy most at Glover Paddocks is the fun stuff, like riding bareback and backwards around the track on Belle. This is me and my horses….”

We wish Jonathan and lovely Belle the absolute best year filler with lots of fun, enjoyment and success.🐴💙