Ivana Flashback Friday

Our #FlashbackFriday today is Ivana Busek.šŸ„³ Ivana is 13 years old and coached by Tasmin Maher.

Ivana: ā€œI started riding at Glover on the 30th of May 2013. The biggest lesson I have learnt in my riding career is that all good things take time, hard work and dedication! My goals are to be consistent with my riding and to start competing in the 1.30s while Iā€™m still a Junior rider! My favorite thing to do at Glover is spend time with my beautiful horse Magic Dawn and to go have fun in the dam and across the road! The name of the first pony I ever rode was Miss Muffet in 2013! Five years later I ended up buying her filly Magic Dawn on the 1st of September 2017!ā€

Ivana and Maddy have just moved up into the 90cm classes and they have been incredibly successful so far! We wish them the absolute best for the rest of the year.šŸŽ‰šŸ’™