Emily Flashback Friday

Today’s #FlashbackFriday is Emily Loubser! 🥳 Emily is 10 years old and is coached by Lia, Sarah and Tasmin.

Emily: “Horses are my life. All i want to do the whole day is; be at the stables and around the horses. I started out horse riding at glover in 2016 (with a small break somewhere in between) I had the opportunity to ride and learn from so many horses at the stables. Solo moon, Miss Muffet, Skye, Merlot, Fairlady, Midnight, Bolt…each horse teaching me something new and different. If I think back now and look at all these fotos, my heart just wants to explode in my chest. Such happy memories….but luckily that is just the beginning…The BEST day of my life was in aug 2020. Daydream Bismark became part of my family. How lucky can a girl be? It is not a dream anymore, it is a reality. And with that reality, comes a lot of responsibility – and i am loving every minute of it. I was born for this! I am learning so much about patience, respect, focus, hard work and guts. But it is not always just hard work and no play; I am having the time of my life, and enjoying every minute i get to spend with Bismark!!!!The great thing about Glover Paddocks is, you also make so many amazing friends. We all love playing shadow catchers together after our lessons. Friends, Bismark and laughs. What more can i ask for? My coaches: Lia, Taz and Sarah are superb. Best, best, best!!!! Thank you for all your patience, dedication, understanding, time and effort. THANK YOU!!!!!! We are all working everyday, to be better than yesterday.”

We wish Emily and beautiful Bismark a wonderful year filled with lots of success and most importantly fun!💙🐴