Jenna Flashback Friday

Our #flashbackfriday this week is Jenna Wright, 15 years old, coached by Andrea Bekker.🥳

Jenna: “I started riding in 2017 so I’ve been riding for 4 years, the biggest lesson I have learnt is trust, is everything to me. I want my horse to trust me and I want to trust my horse. It makes riding nervous horses much easier. My goals are to one day compete in the Olympics at 1,60m and do some Grand Prix dressage tests as well as coaching professional and owning my own yard in Scotland. My favourite thing to do at Glover is I love going to fetch my horse Elvis from his paddock, he walks right up to me and wants cuddles. I also love doing track work where we can have a fast canter/ gallop and I can let him go.I would consider myself lucky to have found a place like Glover where everyone is given advice or assistance if they need it and the horses are treated so well. I’ve met many special horses/ponies throughout my journey like Dollar. Dollar has a very special place in my heart. When I had to move off him I was so sad but at least I got some awesome opportunities to ride some lovely horses like Reggie and Galaxy till I found my own horse Elvis. Elvis is 6 turning 7. Training him up has had its ups and downs but it’s been so rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else”

Jenna & Elvis have been going from strength to strength everyday and we are so proud of them! 💙🎉