Calen Flashback Friday

#FBF for this week is Calen, coached by Lia Benetti. 🥳

Calen: “I’m 18 years old, I started riding when i was 6 at a stables in joburg where i would spend the next few years riding countless ponies and horses, i spent as much time as i could around the horses, my saturdays as a kid i was mucking out stables and helping prepare horses for lessons. Eventually i needed to move on and find a competitive yard where i could further my riding career, I competed graded shows and schools shows for the next two years and earned my gauteng colors for showjumping. I moved to glover in 2019 for its accessibility, being at glover has fine tuned my riding and been a safe space for me to learn and grow further. Taz helped me find the horse of my dreams, and I’m learning the biggest lessons about the sport from a completely different perspective now, training a young horse is a new test of physical and mental strength. my goals for the next few years are to raise my thoroughbred soundly and produce the jumper of my dreams! my absolute favorite thing to do at glover is to go riding of course!”

We wish Calen many happy and successful years of riding at Glover. 💙🐎