Miah Flashback Friday

This week our #FlashbackFriday is Miah Hume – 16 years old – coached by Tasmin Maher.🥳

Miah: “I started riding at glover at 9 years old. These past 7 years have been years of learning growing and advancing in all different areas. I have advanced from purely being a school rider on Koda, Sky and various other school favourites, from half baiting darkstar to Fred and finally being able to buy my own horse, Skylar Rose. One of the biggest lessons learnt is patience, to be patient with myself, be patient with the circumstances and to be patient most importantly with my horse. Patience has allowed me to develop a more open and accepting mindset and not always expecting the best outcome of things all the time. Some of my goals consist of growing my riding skills and advancing to 1.2m with my horse before I matriculate as well as one day being able to go overseas and ride and compete on various horses. I think one of the things I love most about glover is our freedom, our freedom to have fun and enjoy ourselves. The freedom we have with our horses and how open it is to just allow a bit of relaxation from the rest of the world. Horse riding feels like it should be a constant stress yet at glover there is no stress or pressure, you just enjoy what you do!”

We have loved being apart of Miah’s journey and watching her grow! Wishing Miah all the best for the year.💙