Claudia Flashback Friday

It’s time for #FlashbackFriday! 🤩 Today’s #FBF is Claudia – 10 years old, coached by Tasmin and Andrea.Claudia has been at Glover since November 2016.

Claudia: “I started with teacher Monique and moved my way through the pony barn, learning from each pony I got to ride. In 2018, I finally found my ride on Bolt. I began competing and won the SANESA new-comers in Showjumping. In 2019 my wings grew again, and I became the proud new owner of Sayad Israel (lovingly known at Glover as Riley). In 2019 I jumped my first 70cm and then 80cm in competition. Throughout the year Riley and I won three championship classes together. My biggest lesson in riding and I am still busy learning, is that it is a partnership between rider and pony. Neither can be successful without the other. My goals are to become more confidant and to keep challenging myself, even if that means dressage! My favourite thing to do at Glover is EVERYTHING! but mostly to love my pony.”

Beautiful words! We are wishing Claudia and Riley a very successful year in the show ring as they conquer all their goals 💙🎉