Felicity Flashback Friday

This week’s #FlashbackFriday is Felicity, 8 years old, coached by Lia Benetti. Felicity started at Glover in 2017. 💙

Felicity: “I started at Glover in 2017 when I was four years old. For two and a half years I was then at a different yard, but last year I came back to Glover and it was the best decision ever. The biggest lesson I have learnt in riding is to accept the ride I get on the day. Not every ride is going to be the same but I must make the most of each one. My goals are to be a famous show jumper one day and I also want to be a riding instructor. My favorite thing to do at Glover is spend time with my ponies, Rosie and Shandy, and have fun. I like to ride with my friends and play games like shadow tag. “Felicity has recently become the proud new owner of Llandino Ragtime Rose (Rosie) and we wish them both the best of luck together. We can’t wait to see what you two will accomplish! 🐴💙