Tyler Flashback Friday

It’s #FlashbackFriday! 🥳 Today we have Tyla Booysen, 9 years old, coached by Lia Benetti and Tasmin Maher. Tyla started at Glover in 2015, when she was 4 years old.

Tyla: “My very first outing, after coming into this world, was to Glover Paddocks. After sitting in my pram, day in and day out, on the side of the arena watching my Mom ride, I decided it was time to change from my four wheel pram to a four legged pony! So at four and a half years old, I had my first pony ride on Tinkerbell. Not long after that, I started riding Fairlady, and in Grade 2, I competed at Sanesa on Frudo. Then – I met my soul mate… Charlie Bean! Charlie gave me the ultimate dream life and became my everything! We had endless HOURS of fun together, we would groom each other, have long intimate conversations, go for rides, play in the dam, picnic, have a bath, groom some more and then start all over again. Sadly, Charlie was too old to continue competing and I had to move on – which was the MOST difficult thing I have ever had to do. Then, shortly before my 9th birthday, a very sprightly little pony named Lila, found me! Lila and I (given that we have very similar personalities) instantly ‘clicked’ and we have been a great team ever since. Riding has taught me patience, and to take the good with the bad because no two days are the same when it comes to riding and ponies, just like humans, can have bad days too. My goal is to be a professional equestrian one day – mainly in the showjumping ring – but for now, my favourite thing to do is to just BE with pony…… ALL day – every day!”

We wish Tyla and her special Lila many happy rides together and we can’t wait to see all that you will achieve together! 🎉🐴💙