Emma Flashback Friday

This weeks flashback Friday is Emma 🎉 16 years old, coached by: Sarah & Lia.

Emma: “ I started riding when i was 14 in 2019, the biggest lesson i’ve learnt is that failure and mistakes aren’t there to discourage you or bring you down but rather experiences that you can learn and grow from, the mistakes make you a better rider and help strengthen your bond with your horse. giving up isn’t an option when you love something you keep trying until you get it right and with a lot of practice and hard work and trust in your horse you’re able to achieve just about anything.My goals are to improve with my dressage and jumping with Royal and be able to feel as confident as possible in my jumping when i’m doing new exercises to help him feel more confident in himself so we can reach our full potential. My favorite thing to do at glover is coming in either the morning for my free rides being able to feel at peace with my boy and the smell the fresh air or my evening lessons as the sun sets on the yard”

We wish Emma and her special boy Royal a wonderful year ahead filled with loads of love 💙