Yolanda Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday today is Yolanda Engelbrecht – coached by Tasmin Maher. 🥳🥳

Yolanda: “My horse life and love started at a pony camp I attended at the early age of 7.

There was a lady showcasing her 2 Friesians. We all have that “When I grow-up” moment, and right there and then, I had mine… THAT is what I wanted out of life.

My husband fulfilled my dream by buying me a horse for my 31st birthday and ever sine I have been riding. I discovered Glover about 7 years later, where I had lessons with Mikayla. Mikayla trained myself and my 2 horses (Gunther and Layla) to compete in dressage and we did musical kurs (Pas De Deux) together in which we excelled and won 5 x 1st Places in one day.

From there on Tasmin took over and trained myself and Layla in dressage.
Over the years we have achieved many 1st placings in dressage as well. I love training with both trainers as they are great at what they are doing and have improved my riding abilities by leaps and bounds.
I know that my horses are loved and cared for.

This is my heaven, my peace, my love, my life.

If my younger self would look at my older self today, she would be overjoyed at all the victories achieved while at Glover. Today I am the proud owner of 2 black beauties which means my mission is accomplished in life.”

We love seeing Yolanda and her beautiful horses together and wish them nothing but the best in the future! 💙