Marinda Flashback Friday

Marinda.πŸŽ‰ Coached by Laura-Mae.

Marinda: β€œIn 2018 myself and my kids started riding at Glover. I started with horse riding as an adult just a few months before that. In my first lesson at Glover I did and learned more than in the previous 4 months of riding. I was so excited about my progress and enjoyed every step of the way, from trotting on slow ponies to being a confident social rider and now a horse owner of Valentino! That was a dream come true…

The biggest lesson in riding I’ve learnt is that you are never too old to start riding and that riding is a great way for me to relax because I have to be in the moment.

Schooling Valentino is a very rewarding project and a goal of mins Is that I would like to participate in some shows with him.

My favourite thing at glover is the serenity of early morning rides, Fitness around the track and Hanging with Valentino in the paddock.
But I also love watching my kids having fun”.

We are so excited to watch Marinda and her boy Valentino grow, wishing you both a wonderful journey together! πŸ’™