Megan Flashback Friday

FLASHBACK FRIDAY! Today’s #FBF is Megan Ras, 12 years old. Coached by Tasmin Maher. Megan started at Glover in 2014. 🤩

Megan: “The reason I started riding was at 2,5 years old I got a 3rd degree burn on my finger and had to have 4 surgeries to rebuild my finger, I started riding to do finger physio to learn to bend and use my finger again, since then I’ve never stopped riding 💙The biggest lesson ive learnt is to trust your pony, and spend every moment you can with him, cause you never know when it will be gone. My goal is to reach 1.5m in jumping and ride the highest level in dressage!My Favourite thing to do at Glover is to Play in the dam and across the road (where Tas cant see what we get up to 😂), and spend time with my friends 💙

We wish Megan and her special boy Tyson all the best this year, they’ve just gone 90cm and we know they’re going to achieve wonderful things together. 💙