Amone Flashback Friday

Our #FBF for this week is Amone, 16 years old, coached by Tasmin Maher.

“I started riding at the age of 7 at Glover in September 2012. My fascination with ponies started long before the age of 7. My first lesson was on a pony called Miss Muffet , who is now happily retired. In the following few months I rode multiple ponies until I started baiting Charlie Bean. Charlie taught me a lot of valuable lessons that I am grateful for today. He had a lot of patience with a little girl who was still finding her way of riding. He taught me that giving up is never an option. In 2016 my parents bought me my first pony named Midsummers Night Dream ( Dreamer). She was definitely not the easiest pony but I loved her with all my heart . With her I learned A LOT of patience and perseverance. I started competing more competitively with lots of highs and some lows, ending my pony career with her jumping 90cm. She is now at a new home teaching a little girl all the things she taught me. In September 2019 I met Vivace , “my heart horse”. ❤️We share a very special bond , there is nothing more rewarding than going to ride her after a long day at school. In the past two years that I have owned her we have accomplished some great things and have also had some disappointing moments where I douted my riding. But with her feisty spirit she motivates me to try harder everyday. When riding Vivace there is never a dull moment , she always keeps me on my toes with a big smile on my face 😂. I am looking forward to the future with Vivace , my goal for now being to achieve some big heights with her. I am grateful for all my coaches over the years but especially Tasmin who has been coaching me for the past 7 years. She has been with me every step of the way.”

We have loved watching Amone grow, wishing her and beautiful Vivace the best for the rest of the year.💙